If you are interested in scheduling an OBT2 performance at your venue please review this season’s repertory. The OBT2 staff will work with you to create a program that is ideal for your venue and audience.

A brand new contemporary work, created for OBT2 by former OBT Principal Ballerina, Alison Roper. The music is by classical contemporary composers Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi.

Crush Pas de Deux
Also by Alison Roper, set to music by Brian Crane. Choreographed to celebrate OBT2’s inaugural 2015/16 season and the young talent in the company. The theme of this dance is two young lovers learning about what it means to have a mature relationship.

Na Floresta
A trio from Na Floresta – by renowned Spanish choreographer, Nacho Duato. Created during Duato’s nature-inspired period of the 1990s, this is a seamless yet highly technical partnership of a female and two male dancers. It is set to the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos and arranged by Wagner Tiso.

A duet from Duende – also by Duato. Duende is a Spanish word referring to mythological forest creatures, such as pixies and elves – and the personal charm and magical qualities possessed by certain people. Claude Debussy’s flute solo, “Syrinx,” creates the perfect atmosphere for this dance conversation for two.

The Sleeping Beauty Wedding Pas de Duex
From Act 3 of The Sleeping Beauty. This is the quintessential classical pas de deux, by the most influential choreographer in ballet history, Marius Petipa. Set to Tchaikovsky’s score, it is a dance loved by viewers of all ages, performed around the globe by some of the most celebrated dancers.

The Grand Pas de Trois des Odaliques
From Marius Petipa’s Act 3 of Le Corsaire (The Pirate). Three young ladies of ideal beauty are entertainment for a harem, in this showcase of talent for three female soloists.

Flower Festival in Genzano Pas de Deux  Choreographed in 1858, by the great ballet master and choreographer of the Royal Danish Ballet, Auguste Bournonville. This charming and flirtatious duet is often performed by ballet companies at galas and by contestants at international ballet competitions, to demonstrate the very buoyant and lively Bournonville style.

Napoli Pas de Six
An excerpt of dances from Act 3 of August Bournonville’s full-length ballet, Napoli. Inspired by the energetic and colorful life he witnessed in his travels to Naples, Italy, Bournonville created this masterpiece. This dance for six has been performed world-wide since it was choreographed 174 years ago. We invite the audience to clap along with the dancers to this one!