About OBT2

OBT2 provides rigorous training and performance experience to facilitate the transition from student to professional dancer in a small, nurturing environment.

Lisa Sundstrom
Lisa Sundstrom, OBT2 Program Director

OBT2 is guided daily by OBT2 Program Director Lisa Sundstrom, within guidelines established by OBT’s Artistic Director and OBT’s School Director. OBT2 dancers participate in daily technique class as well as pointe class, men’s class, strength and conditioning, pas de deux, and flexibility training. Dancers also take class with OBT’s professional company on certain days of the week.

OBT2 participants perform and rehearse classical and contemporary choreography from the repertoire of Oregon Ballet Theatre. Performances include outreach presentations at school and community centers, and appearances at special events, as well as stand-alone OBT2 performances. OBT2 dancers understudy and perform company roles throughout the season in ballets such as George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker and other large scale productions. The year culminates in OBT School’s Annual School Performance at the Newmark Theatre in the spring.

Dancers ranging from 18 to 22 years of age are eligible for OBT2; participation is 1-2 years. Those wishing to be considered for the program must be admitted to OBT School’s Summer Intensive in Level 6 or Level 6X and attend a minimum of the first 4 weeks, though all 6 weeks is recommended. Admission is based solely on invitation from the Artistic Director, OBT2 Program Director, and School Director.