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Summer 2019 Term | July 1–August 15, 2019

Descriptions, prices, and schedules for adult workshops and adult drop-in classes are below.

To register for an adult class: New and returning adult students to OBT School are required to complete the 2018-19 Adult Class registration form. Click here to complete OBT School’s Adult Class registration form. Once you have completed this form you will be redirected back to this page where you can select your class from the schedule below and sign up by clicking “Register Here.”

Next, you will be taken to the Make a Reservation screen. After confirming it is the correct day and time click “Enroll.” In the Shopping Cart screen you will click CHECK OUT to proceed to the Check Out/Place Order screen.

At the Check Out/Place Order screen you will be prompted for payment. Once this information is entered click PLACE ORDER and you registration will be complete.

For any questions about classes & workshops, or registration:

schoolofobt@obt.org | 503.227.6890

Open Adult Ballet
Intermediate/Advanced Level

The Open Adult classes have been suspended for the 2019 Winter and Spring terms. The program will resume Fall of 2019.

Adult Novice Ballet

Starts July 11, 2019

Thursdays | 6 PM–7:15 PM

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Adult Elementary Ballet

Starts July 2, 2019

Tuesdays | 6 PM–7:15 PM

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Adult Intermediate Ballet

Starts July 3, 2019

Wednesdays | 6 PM–7:15 PM

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Class Details

Open Adult Classes

  • Open class length is 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • A live accompanist is provided to enhance movement and musicality.
  • Single class and multiple class cards can be purchased before class. Please allow time upon check-in. Registration and payment must be processed before student is allowed in class.
  • Class cards are tracked virtually.
  • Classes with fewer than 10 students may be canceled.

Workshop Classes

  • Registration is required for all workshops.
  • A live accompanist is provided for ballet workshops to enhance movement and musicality.
  • New students will not be allowed to join a workshop in session after its third class unless approved by the instructor after a trial class ($17.00; non-refundable). If a student is given permission to join after the initial three weeks, all remaining classes will be prorated at $14.70 per class.
  • Drop-in students are not permitted in workshop classes.
  • Workshop classes must have an initial enrollment of 15 students to continue.