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Workshop Descriptions

Novice Ballet Workshop
This class is an introduction to ballet with an emphasis on body alignment for proper execution of ballet steps. The student will learn the very basics of ballet technique in the structure of a traditional ballet class.

The class begins with barre work, consisting of pliés, tendues, jetés, and ronds de jambe. These movements are taught slowly so the student understands the importance of muscle development for strength and rotation. Barre work is concluded with stretching before class resumes with center floor work. Center exercises reinforce the barre work, and port de bras is added. Small jumps are introduced. The class ends with a traditional révérence.

The completion of at least two workshop sessions is recommended to ensure student confidence before moving into Beginning Ballet.

Elementary Ballet Workshop
This class is a continuation of Novice Beginning Ballet. Students new to our Adult Program may begin this class only with instructor approval (please call for placement procedure).

Beginning Ballet’s class structure is always consistent, repeating and building onto prior knowledge of technique. Port de bras is added to pliés, tendues, and jetés, and these movements are executed at a faster tempo and in 5th position. Frappés, fondues, and grands battements are added to the barre work. Sautés and échappés are first introduced at the barre and then executed in the latter half of center work. Barre work always concludes with stretching. Simple adagio exercises are added in center work. Combining two or more steps make up exercises traveling across the room. The class ends with a traditional révérence.

The completion of one to two years of Beginning Ballet is recommended to ensure student confidence before moving into The School of OBT’s Ballet (Drop-in) classes.

Intermediate Ballet Workshop
This class includes barre work, stretching, and center work, including adagio, pirouettes, petite allegro, and grande allegro. Emphasis is placed on integrating more elements into combinations, including port de pras, epaulment, musicality, and artistry. The completion of at least two terms of Beginning Ballet is recommended to ensure student confidence before moving into Intermediate Ballet. The class may be also be suitable for experienced ballet dancers returning to ballet after a long break or injury.

Adult Jazz
There is no experience necessary for this up-beat introduction to Jazz dance. The class is based on traditional jazz movement and includes a warm-up, stretches, isolations, floor work, and across-the-floor including jumps and turns.

Pilates Mat Workshop
Using your own body’s attributes, Pilates helps you build strength, flexibility, and balance and is accessible to all experience levels and abilities.