OBT School offers a wide variety of opportunities for adults who would like to begin or continue their study of dance and physical fitness. Our adult ballet classes are taught by experienced faculty members who are committed to adult education. Whether you are a beginner ballet dancer or an experienced dancer looking to hone your technique, we hope you’ll join us! Participation is open to students ages 15+. Please sign up for the appropriate level below.

*Please note that masks are mandatory for participation in studio*

Students a required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, including one booster dose, prior to the first day of classes. Please send a photo of your vaccine card to after completing registration below.

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Class Descriptions

Absolute Beginning

This class is an excellent introduction to ballet with an emphasis on body alignment and the proper execution of ballet steps.

The student will learn the very basics of ballet technique in the structure of a traditional ballet class. The class begins with barre work, consisting of pliés, tendues, jetés, and ronds de jambe. These movements are taught slowly so the student understands the importance of muscle development for strength and rotation. Barre work is concluded with stretching before class resumes with center floor work. Center exercises reinforce the barre work, and port de bras is added. Small jumps are introduced. The class ends with a traditional révérence.

The completion of at least two workshop sessions is recommended to ensure student confidence before moving into Beginning Ballet.


This class is a continuation of Adult Absolute Beginning Ballet. Participation in at least two terms of Absolute Beginning Ballet or former training is recommended prior to entry. Students new to our Adult Program may begin this class only with instructor approval (please call for placement procedure).

Elementary Ballet’s class structure is always consistent, repeating and building onto prior knowledge of technique. Port de bras is added to pliés, tendues, and jetés, and these movements are executed at a faster tempo and in 5th position. Frappés, fondues, and grands battements are added to the barre work. Sautés and échappés are first introduced at the barre and then executed in the latter half of center work. Barre work always concludes with stretching. Simple adagio exercises are added in center work. Combining two or more steps make up exercises traveling across the room. The class ends with a traditional révérence.


The completion of at least two terms of Elementary Ballet is recommended to ensure student confidence before moving into Intermediate Ballet. The class may also be suitable for experienced ballet dancers returning to ballet after a long break or injury.

This class includes barre work, stretching, and center work, including adagio, pirouettes, petite allegro, and grande allegro. Emphasis is placed on integrating more elements into combinations, including port de bras, epaulment, musicality, and artistry.


This class expands on our Intermediate level with more focus on artistry, intricate combinations and musicality, and strength building. This class is suitable for active and former professional dancers and intermediate and advanced dancers who have had at least five years of recent consistent training.

Classes are taught by the most sought after teachers in Portland, including OBT Artistic Director Dani Rowe, OBT Principal Rehearsal Director Lisa Kipp, OBT2 Program Director, and senior OBT faculty, including LeeWei Chao, Vanessa Thiessen, Zachary Carroll, Heather Jackson, and Joseph Wyatt.

Summer Adult Ballet Intensive

Grace, Strength, Confidence, Community!

This extended workshop is a wonderful opportunity for the adult student to take the time and improve many aspects of their ballet goals. Through this intensive workshop our mission is to help build confidence in movement quality, strength and artistry, try new things and learn ballet repertory.

Students will be placed in one of two cohorts based on their experience level. For the last hour of the intensive, one cohort will focus on pointe work and repertory and the other cohort on strength building and repertory. Pointe will be offered to those who have an interest but is not required. Instructors will advise the student if it is best to postpone pointe work and focus on pre-pointe exercises. Our week will finish with a half-hour demonstration on August 11 for guests to celebrate and support the student’s achievements!

The completion of at least three terms of the Absolute Beginning Ballet workshop or one year of consistent formal ballet training is required to ensure student confidence and safety.

Class Registration

To register for an adult class:

  • FIRST – Please complete the 2022-23 Adult Class registration form. Click here
  • SECOND – You will be redirected back to this page where you can select your class from the schedule below and complete registration and payment.

Summer Term Schedule

Summer Term: June 13 – August 4, 2023

Ages 15+ | 8 Weeks | In-Person: $151.20 – Tuesday or $172.80 – Wednesday or Thursday; Virtual: $129.60
4 Weeks (June 13-July 6 or July 11-August 3) | In-Person: $100; Virtual: $75
4 Weeks – Tuesday (June 13-June 27) | In-Person: $75
Drop In Classes (Tues/Wed/Thur) | $10 for OBT students; $13 for public: SIGN UP
Workshop Camp | August 7-11: $180

Special Registration Instructions: After completing registration in MindBody → Click “BOOK THIS SERVICE” → Find appropriate class → Click “SIGN UP NOW!” → Enter participant name → Click “ENROLL”

Absolute Beginning

In-Person Workshops
TUES: 6:15 – 7:45 PM
:15 – 7:45 PM



Virtual Workshops
TUES: 6:15 – 7:45 PM



In-Person Workshops
WED: 6:15 – 7:45 PM


Intermediate & Advanced

6:15 – 7:45 PM


Beginning & Intermediate


Summer Adult Intensive
6:00 – 8:30 PM


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